Private ambulance in Altai and terrible apartment building entrances in Krasnoyarsk. Siberia in a week

© Natalya Gredina. Lake Baikal
Private ambulance in Altai and terrible apartment building entrances in Krasnoyarsk. Siberia in a week
02 Фев 2020, 05:58

How people in Kuzbass live on coal mines, why Altai needs a private ambulance and who photographs the terrible apartment building entrances in Krasnoyarsk — looks into the most interesting publications of Siberian media this week.

Who owns Baikal

Rospatent is not registering Baikal as a brand or a trademark. At the same time, companies can register trademarks containing the word «Baikal» — figured out who owns the brand featuring the name of the most famous Russian lake and whether it is worth fearing that it will be seized by oligarchs.

How to live near coal mines in Kuzbass

Dirty air, poor water, cancer — open cast coal mining is the cause of it, ecologists say. Journalists of the site «Takiedela» (So it goes) found out how people in Kuzbass live near coal mines: «the village is covered with a thin layer of coal dust — it makes its way in through the smallest cracks in walls, and explosions in the mines are sometimes so strong that they cause man-made earthquakes.»

How much is an all-terrain vehicle for Omsk off-road

A resident of Omsk assembled an all-terrain vehicle with six wheels and a TV. Now, the constructor is selling his invention for 3.2 million rubbles, but is ready to exchange it for a Japanese jeep or yacht, Gorod55 (City55) reports. It seems that the Omsk region is an ideal place for testing of this SUV model. Trucks get stuck on the region’s washed out rural roads and tractors can hardly get through.

Why do Krasnoyarsk people photograph terrible apartment building entrances

Krasnoyarsk journalists suggested that the city residents take pictures of their apartment buildings nightmarish entrances without any renovations, send these images to a special Instagram account  and in the comments mark management companies, neighbours with utilities debts, district heads and deputies. Gorod Prima (City of Prima) has published  a selection of the most striking photographs of the life-threatening entrances.

Who transports patients in Altai

Altapress tells how an Altai doctor Alexey Maevsky opened a private ambulance center: «For example, it is necessary to transport a patient from Novosibirsk to Barnaul, we are going there empty. If we see an accident on the road, we will definitely stop. We’ll provide first aid, stop the pain, stop the bleeding — we can do everything.»

Elia Kabanov, scientific observer of (

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