Baikal benefits from the epidemic, while pensioners oppose the coronavirus. Siberia in a Week

Baikal benefits from the epidemic, while pensioners oppose the coronavirus. Siberia in a Week
22 Мар 2020, 16:19

Baikal has increased its popularity due to the coronavirus, quarantine product kits are being sold in Barnaul, and Omsk pensioners are blaming the USA for everything. looks into news related to the epidemic in a special issue of the Siberia in a Week column.

The epidemic has made Baikal more popular

Russian tourists have found a replacement for countries that shut down for quarantine or have limited air traffic due to coronavirus. Lake Baikal has become the leader among domestic tourism locations: the demand for tickets to Irkutsk has grown by almost 50%, reports.

Quarantine grocery sets in Barnaul

Maria-Ra, Altai grocery chain, offers kits that will help to survive quarantine. The set includes sunflower oil, buckwheat, pasta, salt, sugar, flour, condensed milk, canned food, toilet paper and napkins. The quarantine kit is sold for 755.7 rubles, Altapress reports.

Senior citizens against coronavirus

Omsk pensioners have purposefully burned sheets of paper with the image of a coronavirus printed on them and blamed the US president for everything, writes Gorod55. They claim that coronavirus does not exist.

Coronavirus reduced salary in Krasnoyarsk

Employees’ salaries were reduced at the municipal school food factory in Krasnoyarsk due to the COVID-2019 epidemic. TV2 reports, that the change will affect the salary of the canteen workers only, whilst director and administrative staff’s wages will remain the same. Canteen workers receive a little more than 19,000 rubles per month.

How to stop the epidemic the Tuvan way

The prevention of viral infections with the help of folk traditions was discussed in Tuva. According to Tuva Online, guests didn’t enter a yurt with a small child even with the mildest cold. Tuvinian ancestors ate from their own dishes, which they carried with them. In addition, it was not customary in the tradition of Tuvans to greet each other with handshakes, hugs and kisses.

Elia Kabanov

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