Tomsk vegans and Altai sailor. Siberia in a Week

Tomsk vegans and Altai sailor. Siberia in a Week
30 Мар 2020, 16:35

Why vegans from Tomsk raise their children without meat and how the Altai cook feeds sailors in the Pacific. sums up the week in Siberia. And not a word about coronavirus.

Sailor from Barnaul

Maritime chef Oleg Lebedev lives in Barnaul and works in Primorsky Krai. In an interview to Altapress he tells about marine romance and how to feed a team of hungry fishermen:

«Menu on the ship features increased „vitamin content“. It includes a lot of milk product, cheeses, juices, fruits. Fish is a must. This is calcium and phosphorus, which are lacking. We even specially order those types of fish that we do not catch. For example, if a trawler follows a halibut, then we should buy pollock, pink salmon, and herring separately».

Vegan Parents from Tomsk

TV2 journalists talked with Tomsk vegan parents. Problems with parenthood without meat are similar for everyone: lack of relatives’ understanding, difficulties with eating in kindergarten, lack of doctors who would recognise withdrawal from meat for a complete diet. According to one of the mothers, relatives «worry about the health of the children, but they themselves do not burst with health».

Innovative architect from Irkutsk

Architect Vladimir Pavlov proved that Irkutsk consists not only of wooden estates, but also possesses the legacy of Soviet modernism. reminds the story of a house built in the mid-1980s in the style of British New Brutalism.

According to the principles of New Brutalism, the building embodies power, forms the impression of the significance of its volumes. The house turned out to be a real breakthrough for Irkutsk. Temporarily, it even became the tallest residential building in the city. The first Irkutsk underground parking was created there.

Irkutsk residents themselves are indifferent to the architectural heritage. Additional glazing of balconies and whole unauthorised superstructures were added to the house.

Electrician-scammer from Omsk

At first, fraudsters, disguised as gas service employees, sold trusting pensioner sensors at inflated prices, but now they have switched to the distribution of electrical appliances. Their victims lose thousands of rubles, and the scammers themselves earn hundreds of thousands per month. Gorod55 talked with one of the grifters.

Entomologist from Tuva

Entomologist of the Tuva Institute for the Integrated Development of Natural Resources of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Svetlana Kuzhuget studies bed bugs. According to Tuva Online, over 10 years she has discovered 74 new species of these insects that were not previously found in the republic.

Elia Kabanov

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