How Russian villagers survive the epidemic and who sends flowers to doctors. Siberia in a week

How Russian villagers survive the epidemic and who sends flowers to doctors. Siberia in a week
06 Апр 2020, 19:27

The results of the waste management reform are evaluated (everything is bad), people give flowers to doctors (they are grateful), and dozens of cats live in one apartment (not all neighbours are happy). recounts what has happened last weekin Siberia.

Coronavirus in the Siberian outback

TV2 journalists collected the stories of the rural residents of Tomsk region. They shared their views on the virus and the epidemic: «There are not many people on our streets, but a lot of people came from cities „for the holidays“. In stores, they buy up coal, beer, and meat. Instead of pedestrians, more cyclists appear. There is no panic. Although we have closed our store where we sell household appliances and toys, people still come to it and demand for it to be opened.»

Flowers for doctors in Transbaikalia

In Chita, florists presented flowers to the city medical centre doctors as an expression of gratitude for their work, reports. «Yesterday we came to work — the entire reception desk was covered with flowers," said Natalya Rykova, the head physician. «That raised everyone’s spirits a lot and provided the positive impulse for the whole day.»

Garbage reform in Omsk

Gorod55 sums up the disappointing results of the first year of the waste management reform in Omsk. For example, cemeteries were mired in garbage and city residents were complaining about the litter piled in the courtyards.

Barnaul cats

Barnaul residents rent housing specifically for cats, Altapress reports. In one of the apartments, for example, more than 50 cats live permanently. Although the owner of the shelter does not advertise its activities, some neighbours often come to play with animals. However, there are ill-wishers who leave garbage bags on her car.

Foreigners in Siberia (in 1902)

118 years ago, foreigners had to survive bears, robbers and police attacks in Siberia. Prima quotes notes about foreign travellers from the newspaper «Yenisei» published in 1902. For example, one foreigner was arrested «without any reason» in Tomsk, and another tourist had to shoot at a bear. Later, he was also forbidden to walk the dog in Krasnoyarsk.

Elia Kabanov

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