Omsk region lost a village, a dog was sent to quarantine in Irkutsk. Siberia in a Week

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Omsk region lost a village, a dog was sent to quarantine in Irkutsk. Siberia in a Week
20 Апр 2020, 00:39

What are Altai writers doing in isolation, how people live in a dying village in the Tomsk region, and what happens on Baikal during quarantine. summarises the week in Siberia.

What does Baikal look like during quarantine

Baikal lacks tourists, but Irkutsk residents still come to the lake shores even during the self-isolation. tells what is happening in the Baikal region during quarantine.

Omsk region lost a village

In the Omsk region, the number of the villages decreased: previously there were 365, and now statistics have accounted for only 364 rural settlements. The authorities decided to merge Listvyazhinsky and Aevskoe villages.

Dog quarantine in Irkutsk

The dog that returned to Irkutsk from Bangkok with its owner was placed in observation. Spitz will stay quarantined for two weeks. During this period, it will be prohibited from walking outside. However, the animal is not discouraged: according to the owner, the dog has enough space to run about.

Altai writers in isolation

Altai writers are not wasting time in quarantine. They are creating new masterpieces. For example, the author of Napoleon and Mikhail Evdokimov’s biographies created a series of short stories titled “Quarantine Readings”. Another prose writer Valery Kopninov tried himself in a new genre and wrote a fairy tale in verse.

How do eight people live in a dying village

Only eight people inhabit Suetilovka. They almost never go to the city. Not only because they are afraid of the coronavirus – they are separated from the city by 6 kilometers without roads. Some residents of Tomsk believe that it is in such abandoned villages that you can escape from the infection.

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