Irkutsk loses its heritage, Novosibirsk gives land to developers for free. Siberia in a week

© Epiphany Cathedral (built in 1718–1746), Irkutsk
Irkutsk loses its heritage, Novosibirsk gives land to developers for free. Siberia in a week
01 Мар 2020, 04:54

Siberian sailing yacht is in distress in Antarctica, fathers in Tuva have received sheep as a gift, and Irkutsk loses its architectural monuments: recounts the last week in Siberia.

Novosibirsk authorities distribute land almost for free

Land fraud in Novosibirsk results in the city giving up its land for development almost for nothing. Deputies vote for rezoning obediently, and the budget loses money that could have been spent on snow removal. investigates the situation.

Irkutsk loses cultural heritage

Irkutsk haven’t avoided a typical problem of Siberian cities. There, architectural monuments are removed from the protection registry in mass, their appearance is changed, rebuilt or demolished, reports. For example, the estate of the icon painters Startsevs is still listed as a monument of federal significance on the of the Ministry of Culture’s website. In fact, the building was dismantled back in 2008 to put a residential complex in its place.

Omsk yacht in distress in the Antarctic

The sailing yacht «Siberia», which started its round-the-world expedition from Omsk last summer, is in distress off the coast of Antarctica. The yacht’s engine broke down, Gorod55 reports. The yacht expedition was timed to the Year of Antarctica in Russia. The «Siberia» team planned to return to Omsk at the finish of their round-the-world trip in October 2020.

Stone Age in Tomsk

The skill of making stone tools can be useful to a modern person in two cases: either if civilization will collapse because of a global cataclysm and we will have to start all over again, or if this person is a student of archaeology at a practical lesson. TV2 publishes a report about Tomsk archaeologists learning how to create tools from stone: «First, you need to learn how to strike stone flakes from a nucleus. To beat off the correct flake, you need, firstly, not to hit your own arm, and secondly, to ensure that the flake is of a suitable shape».

Sheep for Tuvan fathers

The Kyzyl administration gave sheep to ten single fathers with several children, Tuva Online reports. By doing that officials decided to note their «selfless work in raising the younger generation». One of the awarded fathers is a single parent of five children.

Elia Kabanov

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