Remote Russian region on fire and masked sowers in Altai. Siberia in a Week

Remote Russian region on fire and masked sowers in Altai. Siberia in a Week
14 Апр 2020, 00:22

How the ambulance service works in Irkutsk, what happens with the forest fires in Zabaykalsky region, and what is the main problem with sowing in Altai during the epidemic. looks into Siberian important news of the last week.

What you need to know about coronavirus

How did the new coronavirus enter the human body, what preventive measures will help to protect yourself, and when will the Russian vaccine be tested on humans? retells a lecture of Novosibirsk scientist Sergei Netesov.

How do ambulances work in Irkutsk

The number of calls to the ambulance service in Irkutsk has doubled, reports. The ambulance crews do not conduct tests for coronavirus, instead they take patients with suspected Covid-19 to the infectious diseases hospital. According to the ambulance station chief physician, the increase of the calls is caused, inter alia, by the fact that people often experience psycho-emotional outbursts during the epidemic.

Zabaykalsky region burns

Zabaykalsky region accounted for 90% of all forest fires recorded in Russia last week. Almost 13 thousand hectares of forest were burning in the district, reports.

How do the self-employed in Omsk survive the epidemic

Photographers, event organisers, manicurists and other self-employed are not protected from the crisis. City55 tells how people who can’t rely on the support of the authorities deal with the epidemic: “Valeria has no other income means than manicure. She is considering using her education as an accountant for distance working.”

Masked tractor drivers began sowing in Altai

Spring field works began in the Altai region earlier than usual and in unusual circumstances. Tractor drivers work in masks, no one is allowed to bases, and its premises are treated with bleach, Altapress writes. Farm managers say the main problem is getting medical masks, which quickly became scarce in the villages.

Expedition to the endangered people

Tofalars live in 800 km from Krasnoyarsk in the central part of the Eastern Sayans. There are no more than 200 of them. Tofs are hunters who have been living in the taiga for centuries, roaming on deer. During this time, they have become the best experts on survival in the wilderness on the planet. "Prima" tells about the expedition to Tofalaria.

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