The death of hospitals and the history of snitches. Siberia in a week

© Thunberg at the Climate March, Montreal, September 2019
The death of hospitals and the history of snitches. Siberia in a week
16 Фев 2020, 16:59

Tomsk has its own Greta Thunberg, scientists measure ice thickness on Lake Baikal, and people leave Altai due to the poverty. looks into what has happened in Siberia last week.

How security officers in Siberia snitched on colleagues

The favorite pastime of the NKVD officers in Siberia was to write denunciations on one another. published several documents demonstrating the moral qualities of these people: «By this I want to address your attention to the fact that wife of the employee of the operational station Porin is abusing her access to purchasing goods».

Why do people leave Altai

Last year Altai Region saw one of the largest population decline in Russia. Altapress asked region representatives in the State Duma why people are leaving Altai. «The main trouble is poverty," confidently said the Communist Party deputy Sergei Shargunov. «Lack of work and decent pay. And another Altai’s pain — the death of hospitals, schools, enterprises. At the same time, a beautiful word ‘optimisation’ is sometimes covered by an even more elegant word ‘conservation’. But this is a drama of the federal budget, because local authorities are left with Trishka’s caftan, which has to be patched (i.e., with juggling act leading to an evitable worsening of the situation —»

Why do scientists measure the thickness of ice on Lake Baikal

Irkutsk scientists installed Russia’s first autonomous ice complex on Baikal, reports. The sensor will analyse the safety of the ice crossing daily, tracking the structure of ice and changes in its thickness.

How a doctor from Omsk lives in quarantine in Japan

An Omsk doctor is on board of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, some passengers and crew members of which became infected with the coronavirus. Now the ship is quarantined in the Japanese port. Omsk citizen, as presented by City55, is not scared of his imprisonment. He maintains a good spirit and started writing a book: «The dream of a Russian came true! This morning they brought complimentary Courvoisier cognac, four bottles of beer, two apples, two oranges, Coca-Cola, still and mineral water. That’s a life, lads.»

Who became the Greta Thunberg of Tomsk

Tomsk activists will shoot social videos about global warming, forest fires, homeless animals and litter in the streets, RIA Tomsk reports. Its main heroine will be the doppelganger of the Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg: 20-year-old Tomsk resident Ksenia, who works as a barista.

Elia Kabanov

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